Short DescriptionIn Reversion you play as a bounty hunter who has to kill the boss of an island with a boomerang. Made for the Playstation 4.
CategorySchool Project - Year 2
DateNov 2015 - Jan 2016 (~3 months)
RoleAI Programmer
Team Size17


Reversion is an action platformer for the Sony PlayStation 4. In Reversion, you play as a bounty hunter. Your task is to kill the boss on the island you get dropped on. You only have one boomerang to fulfill your task so you’ll have to be careful in how you approach each enemy. Especially the boss at the end of the level isn’t easily defeated.


Reversion is the first game I worked on as an AI programmer. In the time I worked on this project, I learned the basics of working with Behavior Trees and implemented 2 different enemy characters in the game. This is the behavior tree of the first enemy.

It was very challenging to get a properly working AI because this was one of the first projects I’ve done in Unreal. It was also the first time I was a full-time AI Programmer and the first time working with Behavior Trees. Looking back, I’m happy I got it to work, but there would be many things I’d do differently if I were to make this AI again such as not having a main service updating everything, making the tasks less specific (make the task Move To Actor with an actor reference instead of getting the player in the task) etc.

This tree contains several custom tasks. This is the Rotate task which rotates the actor in its spot.

Rotate Task


Another task makes the character look at the last known location of the player.

Check Last Position


Screenshots & Download

  • A fighting area
    A fighting area
  • A platforming area
    A platforming area
  • Fight with a ranged enemy
    Fight with a ranged enemy


You can download and play the game here.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to work on the menu or tutorials due to time constraints.

When the game prompts to press Options, press space. Next, you’ll enter a menu with default Unreal buttons. Click Play to start playing. Then press X on the keyboard when it prompts to press the X button on the controller.

You can kill an enemy by pressing the right mouse button to aim. Once you’re happy with your aim, left click. If you loose your boomerang, press R to retrieve it. Jumping is done with Space.