Short DescriptionI joined the board of a student association where my task was planning events such as industry barbecues & drinks.
CategoryVolunteers work
DateAug 2015 - Feb 2017 (~1.5 years)
RoleEvents Coordinator


Besides programming, I also did some volunteers work during my IGAD education. For one and a half years, I was on the board of a Student Association called Dionysus as the Events Coordinator.

Event Coordination

As Events Coordinator, I had to supervise and organize all of the events our Student Association hosted. This included many different events such as drinks at a bar where students & staff could get to know each other, trips to various places as well as organizing official NHTV events such as the Samsung VR Jam award ceremony and the IGAD Showcase Day Barbecue.

The event that was the most work to organize was the IGAD Showcase Day Barbecue of 2016. There were over 80 people who ate at the barbecue and even more joined in for some drinks. Making sure this all went smoothly was an immense amount of work. I had to arrange and delegate everything from having a bar to use outside to getting the barbecues set up with volunteers, meat, gas etc.

This event was visited by students but also by a lot of teachers of NHTV and industry contacts. It was hard work to organize, but everybody was very positive about the event.

As a result of organizing all of these events, I’ve gotten a lot better at planning, organizing, delegating and communication.

Serious Request

While I was Events Coordinator, Serious Request took place in our city. This is a yearly event from one of the biggest radio stations in the Netherlands to raise money for a good cause. We got together with almost every single study- and student association of our city to organize two events to raise money. The events we organized were supported by world famous DJ’s and most businesses in the city center. In the end, we raised nearly €2000,- to cure pneumonia.

Honorary Membership

At the end of my time as Events Coordinator, someone suggested me as an Honorary Member at our General Members Meeting. This was unanimously voted for with the following reasoning:

“The task of events coordinator is already the biggest task as a board member, not only did Jimmy handle this very well but he also took a lot of other tasks on him, and helped out other board members. The amount of time Jimmy has put into Dionysus over the last year and a half definitely earns him a spot between the honorary members!”