Age of Wonders: Planetfall

NameAge of Wonders: Planetfall
Short DescriptionA strategy game made by Triumph Studios in a sci-fi setting
Date09/2017 - 06/2018
CompanyTriumph Studios - Paradox Interactive
EngineCreator Engine (in-house)
PlatformsPC, PS4 & Xbox One
RoleProgramming Intern


Age of Wonders: Planetfall is a strategy game developed by Triumph Studios which is a studio from Paradox Interactive and is coming to PC, PS4 & Xbox One. The game is all about tactical turn-based combat and building your empire. In Planetfall, you emerge from a cosmic dark age to rebuild your galactic empire using all kinds of futuristic technologies to defeat or work with other factions on your planet.

There is a single-player campaign, online multiplayer, asynchronous multiplayer and randomly generated maps. Every game has multiple ways to victory, decide if you want to destroy your enemies, collaborate with them or use your doomsday weapon to obliterate any opposition.


Triumph Studios has a custom in-house engine called Creator. The engine comes with a collection of tools for the designers and artists. During my internship, I worked on the tools, engine and the game.

The most noteworthy systems I worked on are the Account Management SDK with Paradox Interactive Integration, the Localization system, a collection of AI systems and various UI & gameplay elements the player interacts with regularly.

A code sample & recommendation is available on request.

Public Pages

The official page for Age of Wonders: Planetfall can be found here.


  • Strategic Map
    Strategic Map
  • Tactical combat
    Tactical combat
  • Tactical combat
    Tactical combat